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POISSANTGALLERY began exhibiting contemporary emerging and mid-career artists in 1998. Housed in a 19th century church, the gallery and grounds are unique, light filled spaces that enhance the experience of viewing contemporary art.   There are two indoor exhibition spaces, the south gallery with high ceilings and original oak floors, and the north gallery, with 14 foot ceilings and white floors, as well as several outdoor sculpture areas.

Arthur Liou, paintings by Daniel Dove, Jonathan Davies, Eric Gibbons, Nina Craig, Michael King, Randall Reid, Ken Mazzu, and Marjorie Moore, Sculpture by Patrick Renner, Lee Littlefield, Tim Glover, Seth Mittag, and Jason Makepeace, mezzotints and prints by Jeff Dell and Robert Tracey Brown, and interactive art experiences by Anthony Shumate.

We are committed to discovering and exhibiting exciting contemporary work of the finest quality, as well as building collections for young collectors and adding value to established collections.